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Shopping mall project

 Shopping Mall project2  

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Project Name: Guangzhou UCITY Shopping Mall

Location: China

Area: 71169 sqm

Solution: Curtain Wall

Aluminum Windows


Project Year: 2009-2012

 Shopping Mall project9
 Zhengzhou Airport project6

According to the drawing and BOQ fromcustomer, and the

communication between

PRANCE’s representatives and clients,

we will know the project basic information and

the products requests.

 Shopping Mall project11

After PRANCE’s technical

team study & analyze the

plan drawings and BOQ

from customer, we list out

to our clients what we can

supply, show initial design

and offer production


 Shopping Mall project12

We will make adjustment with our clients

suggestions after he/she checked our

design plan. Then we will offer a final design

and products application sketches. With

the customer’s approval of this ordert we

start the production.


 Shopping Mall project13

Curtain wall:SHOPPING MALL PROJECT3Aluminum Panel Curtain Wall:

 Shopping Mall project8


1. 3mm thickness aluminum panel

2. PVDF Coating

3. Dry-handing installation

Hidden Framing Glass Curtain Wall  :



1. Frame Size 75*180mm

2. Frame thickness: 3mm

3. Glass: 6(Low-E) + 12A + 6mm       hollow toughened glass

4. PVDF Coating

Point-fixed Curtain Wall:

 Shopping Mall project3

Shopping Mall project4


1. 250 series point-fixed

2. Material: stainless steel

3. Glass: 12mm toughened glass

Window and door:

 Shopping Mall project5

Casement Window

1. Frame: 50mm series

2. Thickness: 1.4mm

3. Glass: 6+9A+6mm hollow toughened coated glass

4. Surface treatment: Powder Coated.

Sliding Window

1. Frame: 90mm series

2. Thickness: 1.4mm

3. Glass: 6+9A+6mm hollow toughened coated glass

4. Surface treatment: Powder Coated

Ceiling system:

Gypsum Ceiling Board:

  1.Mian channel



4.Hanger of main channel

5.Spring clip


7.Hanging bolt

Open Ceiling:

 Shopping Mall project7 1.M8 bar

2.Main carrier fitting

3.Main carrier

4.Grid main carrier

5.Grid fitting

6.Grid cross-carrier

Coffee Shop Project
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