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Zhuhai Airport Metal Ceiling Project

Zhuhai Airport Metal Ceiling Project 1
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ZHU HAI Airport is located in Jinwan District of ZHU HAI City on the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary, which is an important hub for regional transportation, and PRANCE is honored to be able to contribute to the construction of ZHU HAI Airport and demonstrate the professionalism and excellent quality of PRANCE products.
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Project introduction and architectural overview

  • For this expansion, PRANCE was involved in the design and installation of the ceiling inside the airport, using products such as geometrically shaped metal panels, and curved aluminum panels, with blue and white as the dominant colors of the design, creating a unique staggered arrangement of suspended ceilings, presenting a clean and fresh design style.

Project timeline

  •  2023.8-2024.3

Exterior/Interior/Hanging System Products We Offer

  • Custom Aluminum Ceiling
  • Curved Metal baffle

Application Scope

  • Airport Terminal Ceiling

Services We Offer

  • Planning product drawings, demonstrating 3D models, cross-referencing product information multiple times, material selection, processing, and production of the product, as well as providing technical guidance and support during construction.
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In the Zhuhai international Airport project, Party A put forward strict reguirements for the protection of materials, which requires us to ensure that the finished product is not damaged during transportation and installation, to maintain its original quality and appearance. Secondly, although the profile arc drawing process is available to the whole industry. the profile hyperbolic bending needs to be arasped with higher precision, which reqyires us to strictly contro the process to avoid deformation of the profiles.

In addition, all profiles need to be spliced according to a specific angle. the precision of splicing will directly affect the quality and appearance of the finished product.

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To meet these challenges. the PRANCE team has taken a series of measures.In terms of finished product protection.we have adopted professional protection measures, such as wrapping with protective film,foam.airbags and other materials

to ensure the safety of finished products during transportation and installation. In terms of profile processing. we adopt high. precision drawing and bending equipment, and train operators to improve processing precision.

At the same time, we optimize the splicing process and use precision cutting and splicing equipment, such as laser cutting machines and automatic welding equipment, to ensure the precision and beauty of the splices.In addition. we

strengthen quality control and strictly control every link to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

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Product Drawings

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Δ Large Ceiling Plan

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3D model

In order to more accurately show the expected effect of the project design, the PRANCE team elaborated the 3D design rendering of Zhuhai Airport as a bridge to communicate with the client. Our team's professional skills and fine working attitude have successfully won the trust and recognition of our clients.

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Construction Site Photos

Zhuhai Airport Metal Ceiling Project 10
Shop time
Zhuhai Airport Metal Ceiling Project 11
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14 (6)
Zhuhai Airport Metal Ceiling Project 13
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Photographed after project completion 

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